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Re: [tlug] Remembering the Kanji

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Metzler <> writes:

    Marcus> I am learning about 100 Kanji a week using Heisig and the
    Marcus> Leitner method (too bad I didn't know about
    Marcus> before) and will be done with the
    Marcus> first 2000 in about four weeks.

I think that's about the pace I went at (but that was 15 years ago,
hard to remember).  I only went through the 995 kyoiku kanji, though.

I made flash cards on the "word rings" (ca 50 2.5x5cm cards on a 2cm
ring), a large kanji on the front, on-yomi, kun-yomi, stroke order,
one or more typical English near translations as appropriate, and
maybe a jukugo or two, if they were funny or interesting.  Then I
spent 30-60 minutes a day going through the front side and writing
down all the info on the backside for each kanji on two rings; I'd
move on when I was hitting 70% on the "new" ring and 95% on the "old"
one.  And I'd always have two or three rings in my pocket for the
train or bus.

The other technique that I used was to forgo the wa-ei dictionary.  I
got a standard shinkanwa dictionary, and all kanji lookups went
straight to that dictionary and stayed there, unless I got really
wedged in a loop.

I'll definitely second whoever suggested handwriting everything,
though.  My only regret about that period was that I didn't spend a
few months with a shodo sensei.  (Still haven't, but I'm in no great
hurry any more. :-)

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