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[tlug] Remembering the Kanji - summary and thank you

Hi all

Just to summarize:
The answer to my original question is that this was stroke count for the 
character.  I guess it was so obvious it never entered my mind.

Also there is info on the web about this including
An active yahoo group at

A java practice tool (I still haven't quite got it working but am trying 
to use it on Solaris 7) called KanjiGym (

A tool for learning/reviewing kanji (that I haven't had time to play 
with yet) at

And I found a very nice set of flash cards in PDF format at  Actually there are two sets and I'm 
still digging through them.  The first set has 345 pages double sided. 
These look useful in general for learning the basic character set.  I 
think the second set of cards go with Mr. Heisig's third book in the 
Remembering_the_Kanji series.

More info at which it is 
my impression is a site the Mr. Heisig is active at.

I think that's everything.  Please see the thread for attribution.  The 
only thing I found on my own here was the flash cards.

I got far more response than expected.  This will take a while to 
digest.  Thank you everyone!

Steve Smith

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