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Re: [tlug] Remembering the Kanji

On Thu, 2006-03-16 at 10:55 +0900, wrote:
> But still, they start with simple texts which introduce bacis kanji,
> and then more advanced texts 
> which introduce more kanji. The difference being that you have to
> learn the word and the kanji 
> that make it up, while they already know the word. A similar approach
> is effective for gaijin as 
> well. Remembering the word+kanji in a certain context is easier than
> studying it in isolation.

As a recovering linguist and ex-language teacher, I have to agree that
learning language in context is WAY better than memorizing kanji, using
flash cards, etc.

When I came to Japan, I had studied the language a bit, but I'm sure the
reason I was able to advance in oral/aural skills was having a Japanese
girlfriend, and in reading/writing was reading Young Jump from cover to
cover every week. My recommendation for learning how to read is to find
some natural reading material that is about at your level or a little
harder, and is interesting to you, and read it regularly.

If you're interested in learning to write by hand, that requires
practice. I never practiced or learned that, but I use a Japanese word
processor pretty well.
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