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Re: [tlug] Remembering the Kanji

Marcus Metzler wrote:

> You should read the introduction where Heisig explains his method. 

I probably should :) 

> Of course you have to learn the compounds and vocabulary. The Heisig
> method is meant to let you learn the 2000+ Kanji in a few months at
> the beginning of your Japanese studies and give you a better starting
> point. 

That seems like an awfully backward way to study Japanese. Why waste months on learning 
kanji you would probably never use? And then, once you start studying *real* Japanese, 
you would definetely forget most of the kanji you thought you knew (because you never really used them). I am not an expert, of course, but I dare say I have had some of the best teachers 
available and that's not how they teach Japanese.

All that said, if it works for you that's what matters. Do share your experiences.

> Just like Chinese have an advantage in learning Japanese
> because they already know the Kanji, but not necessarily the compounds
> and the vocabulary. 

>From what I've seen the advantage is not that great. They might be better at writing because 
they have more practice, but people who start from a blank slate do better in general.

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