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Re: [tlug] Remembering the Kanji -- off topic?

>>>>> "Neil" == Neil Millar <> writes:

    Neil> On 14/03/06, <> wrote:
    >> Jim wrote: >> Number of brush strokes?  >> Number of brush
    >> strokes of radical?  > >Number of _non-radical_ brush strokes
    >> of the character?  Marcus Metzler wrote: > Could it be the
    >> stroke count?
    >> Good ideas! Thanks -- I'll look tonight.

    Neil> You've already got the answers there... but if you rummage
    Neil> around on:


    Neil> you'll find him, and resources about the books. He has
    Neil> recently released some software to go along with the book
    Neil> (java, claims to work on linux) but you're better off with:

It is called KanjiGym ( and runs fine with
Linux after you installed Java. I would like to get it to run on my
Zaurus, but haven't had any success yet.
The nicest feature is that they show you the stroke order by actually
painting the Kanji.


This looks nice too. 

By the way, if anybody would like flashcards for Heisig cards, I could
create some Postscript files, or put the perl script for the latex
files on my website. There is an example for the first 16 not covered
in the Heisig cards:


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