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Re: [tlug] Remembering the Kanji -- off topic?

> I recently picked up a book called "remembering the kanji" by James Helsig
> at the recomendation of a friend.

> Some of the tables have numbers in square brackets (eg: [5]) that don't
> seem to go either to pages or kanji.

How exciting for me! I'm a Linux noobie who's new to the group as well, and 
I actually get to answer a question!

Steve, the number is the kanji stroke-count. Here is a link to a very active 
Heisig group that can help you through the book,and where there are many 
other links to tools and websites for using this technique.

Aside from that, a quick introduction - my name is Jeff Madsen. I live and 
work down near Kobe, and have just recently starting learning Linux and 
helping to administer :-0 !!  a Gentoo server (don't worry - we have a REAL 
sys admin who actually runs things.) I'm still at the point where 90% of the 
posts are complete gibberish to me, but i'll continue to lurk and Google the 
posts and perhaps someday have something to add of my own.


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