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[tlug] Translation


I'm not too sure if it is allowed to post language questions in this
list; I hope it is. ^_^;

As a hobby (and to practice my Japanese of course) I'm working to
translate a manga called ハレのちグウ, which most people here most
likely already know. ( I was told this title was derived from a Japanese
expression 「晴れのち雨」. However, I find it a very odd expression,
since it is exactly the reverse of the dutch expression I know :S )

anyhow, I have two questions:

1) Often verbs are ended using ーちゃって and ーちゃった. Is this just
slang for the ーた and ーて forms ?

2) At a certain point Weda is saying 「仮病バンザーイ」,celebrating her
feigned illness; however, there is a sub-quote that says 「ってカンジ
よー」. I really don't know what to make of that. I figure カンジ stands
for her caretaker (ハレ) here (instead of her feelings)... what would
be the best way to translate this ?!


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