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Re: [tlug] Kterm

David Stibbe <> wrote:
>> Jim Breen wrote:
>> > Yes, it is, but I like using kterm, and kterm doesn't speak any other
>> > protocol than kinput2.
>> Just wondering, but, what is the reason you are so fond of kterm?
>> Does it have something special other terms do not?

I use it for 3 reasons:

- I have been using it since 1992, so it's like an old shoe. Very 

- it does Japanese cut-and-paste properly. In particular, when you 
double click on some Japanese text, it only takes text up to but not
including whitespace characters, *including* "JIS" punctuation, etc.
No other term I have tried in Japanese does this. (*)

- when using it (my own) xjdic I can set the kterm to JIS/ISO-2022-JP
mode and xjdic can detect the ESC at the end of the string and goes 
straight into looking up the word. All the other terms I have tried
make you press Enter before passing the input to the app.

(*) There are still some options Steve Turnbull has pointed out to me
that may help this one, but I haven't gone into them yet.

The main downside of kterm (for me) is handling email and news in
UTF8. I hope I can move away from it eventually, but the second point
above is a major one for me as I do a lot of text handling in


Jim Breen                      
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Monash University, VIC 3800, Australia                  Fax: +61 3 9905 5146
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