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[tlug] Quick ways to train Thunderbird's Spam Filter?

Hello all,

    Does anyone know of a method (preferably
a canonical one)  to train Thunderbird's Spam
Filter from a mailbox full of spam?  I've been
collecting all of the spam I get into one place
for situations like these.  I tried googling around
for it but didn't have much success finding a
definitive way.  I also checked the Help
menu in Thunderbird and didn't see much.
I notice inside the Thunderbird Profiles
there is a training.dat file but it seems to be
some binary data encoded version of
the training filter so I guess it's not as
easy as:
cat mailbox >> training.dat

    One way that I DID try yesterday but I'm not sure
if it is working is the following:
1. Go to folder with all your spam email
2. Select all mails and mark as Junk

    I THINK this trained the Spam Filter but I didn't
see anything in the Spam Filter log indicating this.


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