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Re: [tlug] LC_CTYPE

Jim Breen wrote:
> FWIW, I don't think kinput2 paid any attention to that LC_CTYPE setting.
> (The apps using may have.)

You are right, but it is needed for applications to be able to receive

> On my newish FC4 system I have kinput2 and iiimf running side-by-side
> both pointing at the Canna server. Originally I failed to get kinput2
> working from the tarball because I got lost in a maze of failed
> dependencies. Then a couple of days ago "yum update" brought in a new
> and working kinput2. Now if only I could get Gimlet to accept
> shift-space instead of Ctrl-space...

The link I posted earlier mentions that kinput2 is depricated. Don't
know if that is true though. I did find uim(-anthy) working a whole
lot better though.

But, back to the core of my question, do you know if it is possible to
set an environment variable like LC_CTYPE for KDE without using
something like .bashrc or .bash_profile (or to get it to read my
.xsession) ??


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