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[tlug] LC_CTYPE


I had kinput2 with working under kde by having

export LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.EUC-JP
export XMODIFIERS=''
kinput2 -canna&

in my .bash_profile (kde doesn't seem to read .xsession for some reason ).

Since I figured it was time for an update in my japanese input method, I 
upgrade to uim (uim-anthy) and comment out the kinput2 section from my 
(credits to :

It didn't seem to work, until I figured out that the LC_CTYPE still 
needs to be set to ja_JP.EUC-JP. Therefor this line is still in my 
.bash_profile file.

Is there a way to set this environment variable for KDE without having 
to put it in a bash source script like .bashrc or .bash_profile ?

(or how to get KDE 3.5.1 to read my .xsession file ? )

Kind Regards,

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