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Re: [tlug] help with Red based internet connection

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
>>>>>> "brendan" == brendan gillon <> writes:
>     brendan> - when I typed into the address line at the top of the
>     brendan> browser
> This is presumably the router.  Failure to connect to that address is
> expected.  You are only supposed to be able to connect "through" it.
The second box would be the router and most come with a web interface on
the primary address.  If it has stopped working after being forcefully
closed I would suspect something like the firewall not being setup
properly and being left in a default dropping everything state.
>     brendan>   error making /dev/isdnctrl:  permission denied
>     brendan>   loading isdn modules             FAILED
> Urk!  Do you have "root" (aka "superuser") access on your laptop?  Try
> logging in as root then connecting to the net.
> However, this seems kind of strange to me.  AFAIK the kind of setup
> you have should just "look like" an ethernet to your computer, and you
> should have no need for ISDN services.
Yes, I don't think this has anything to do with the problem, unless it
is causing the network setup scripts not to run.


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