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Re: [tlug] international email with Gnus

Evan Monroig wrote:

> Someone mentionned emacs planner mode a few weeks (months?) ago, and I
> liked what I saw, so last week I decided that I would try out emacs.
> I am now configuring Gnus for e-mail sending/receiving through
> Gmail. That configuration was no problem and is based on Josh Glover's
> quick and dirty guide for gmail mail in mutt [1].

While you are investigating e-mail setups for Emacs, you might want to 
check out MEW ( I've been using it for 3-4 years 
now. It works well, is well-documented, and the developers actively, 
expertly, and politely support it on their mail list, while continually 
enhancing it. It is available as a basic package in most distros.


Charles Muller
Toyo Gakuen University

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