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[tlug] Web of Trust Party

Fellow TLUGger Bruce Howard and I were kicking back and forth the idea
(and by this, I mean, he had the idea and I said, "Yes! That is a good
idea!") of having a get-together of some sort (nomikai perhaps) for
identity verification, as required for CAcert[1] assurances and GPG /
PGP public key signing. I think that TLUG has done this at a meeting

We probably want to do this within the next two or three weeks. I
don't know if it is something that it would make sense to combine with
the regularly scheduled TLUG nomikai or not.

So what say ye? Is there interest for this sort of thing? When? And
should it be done at the upcoming TLUG nomikai, or would it be better
as a stand-alone event?

I am a CAcert assurer, so I am always happy to assure people at TLUG
meetings. Just create a CAcert account if you don't already have one,
print out the assurance form (this can be done by logging in to your
CAcert account using the web interface), and bring two forms of
government-issued photo identification.



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