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[tlug] Setting other dictionaries up in edict.el

I've been trying without success to get some additional dictionaries
to load up for search in edict.el on Emacs 21.4. I know enough about
Elisp to do some very, very, basic things such as editing my .emacs
file and and byte-recompiles, but not much more, and I can't figure
out what I need to do here to make edict.el read my other

My files are placed in the same directory as the basic edict dictionary
file (on my system, /usr/share/edict), and encoded in euc-jp, like

If found this line in edict.el (0.9.8, Debian package):

  (defvar edict-dictionaries '("edict")
  "*List of edict dictionary specifications.

First I edited it like this 

     (defvar edict-dictionaries '("edict" "kanjidic" "buddhdic")

and recompiled. With that not working, I tried 

     (defvar edict-dictionaries '("edict kanjidic buddhdic")

also to no avail.

I know that this is not specifically a *Linux* question, but I figure
that since both Jim Breen and Stephen Turnbull are both usually on
TLUG, someone might have a clear understanding of this.


Charles Muller  

Toyo Gakuen University
Faculty of Humanities  
1660 Hiregasaki, Nagareyama-shi
Chiba 270-0161 JAPAN
Mobile Phone: 090-9310-1787

Web Site: Resources for East Asian Language and Thought


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