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Re: [tlug] TLUG Shirt design details and proposal

mudrii wrote:
> Hi Zev
> I use cafepress 2 or 3 times and pay 0 for tax, no tax as I know only
> transportation that is not so expensive if we take more shirts at once
> 15 or more for tlug members who wont shirt /me included :P.
> Another solution can be open a free shop on cafepress but is more
> trouble I think.

What about asking one of us to make them during a next trip to China,
Thailand, etc...?
This looks silly, but:
1) If we have a clear design/clear logo, they will be able to do it,
   and quickly.
2) It will cost zero shipping (if less than 20 - I guess I would not
   take 100!)
3) The cost will be very low. Very far from the JPY 3,000 for two sides.
4) Most t-shirts are anyway coming from there - quality will be the same
   on this area. I don't know about the printing itself, but my Thai
   shirts paintings surely did not disappear after a few washes.

The cons:
1) No try, no fun. There is a risk on quality.
2) Not easy to buy more, except a) many travel from us in the same place
   b) Discussion with the maker to be sure they can prepare/send more
   if we ask.

My 2 Yuan.


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