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RE: [tlug-digest] [tlug] TLUG Shirt design details and proposal

Another possability would be to use the one with our name on the front,
over the right or left breast (whichever is appropriate) and then a
larger one on the back.  That would let you use both! :)

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Zev Blut [] 
>Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 5:16 PM
>Subject: [tlug-digest] [tlug] TLUG Shirt design details and proposal
>During last week's meeting I mentioned the idea of making 
>shirts for fun and to help bring funds to TLUG.  Nearly 
>everyone at the meeting showed interest in buying a shirt if I 
>can get them made.  So I have done some research into shirts 
>and here is what I have to offer.
>** Logo for the front breast:
>We are thinking about using either these logos
>Or if you have a logo to suggest please do so now!
>** Shirt types and sizes
>[Size, Length, Width]
>090-0ET Standard T-shirt
>[160, 63, 46] * only in white
>[M,70, 52]
>[L,74, 55]
>[XL, 78, 58]
>012-SVT Standard T-shirt which is much more expensive, but has 
>XXL and more base color options. [150, 60, 43] [S, 66, 49] [M, 
>70, 52] [L, 74, 55] [XL, 78, 58] [XXL, 82, 61] * only in white
>137-RSS White T-shirt with neck and sleeves of a different 
>color [150, 60, 43] [S, 66, 59] [M, 70, 52] [L, 74, 55] [XL, 78, 58]
>I have a sample of size S, which surprisingly fits me.  
>Although, the neck is a bit snug and the fit around my chest a 
>bit tight.  Thus, I think I am in the M range, unless I wanted 
>to walk around showing off my muscles ;-)
>What I would like from you:
>1) Which logo?
>2) What type of shirt?
>3) What base color to use for the shirt?
>(white, grey, black, blue, brown, olive, red, etc.)
>4) How many you want to buy and what sizes.
>Depending upon the outcome of all these variables the shirts 
>will sell for somewhere in the range of 1,500 - 2,500 yen.
>Finally, at first I am going to sell the shirts at the 
>physical meetings.  If you are not able to attend the meetings 
>due to not living in Tokyo, etc. and you would like one, then 
>perhaps another TLUG member will be willing to handle the 
>money collection and shipping out for you.

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