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Re: [tlug] AMD 64 Bit

On 9/12/05, Gerald Naughton <> wrote:
> Hi All
> Looking to buy a 64 Bit AMD machine for Linux
> I see that Dell has no AMD machine
> Anyone brought a HP/Compaq machine and had no
> problems?

I would advise you not to get a AMD64 laptop, unless you need a lap
heater. Perhaps I'll appreciate it more this winter. Besides that, the
Compaq Presario R3140 that I own runs very well using SuSE 9.3 and
Fedora Core 4.

I don't recommend using bleeding edge Debian (testing) with AMD64 at
the moment. I've recently experienced problems keeping the correct
time. It is a bit of a nuisance having time goes 10x faster than
normal on a toolbar. ;)

As for the desktop, I have 4 home built AMD64 machines. Three are
running Plan 9 and one is running Fedora/Xen/Plan9. I've had  a lot of
success with AMD64. You can build a system for less than a $1000 if
you skip on frills. I saw a low end AMD64 Sempron system selling for
approximately $400 at PC Depot recently.


P.S. , For all those folks on the mailing list wanting to run Plan 9,
Knoppix is adding Plan9 to its distro to promote Xen on Knoppix.

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