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[tlug] Moving on from Cisco

Hi everyone,

I've recently decided to move on from Cisco. I have started to circulate
the below cover letter and attached resume out into the market.

The enclosed text is pretty security heavy, but I'd say that linux is
the stronger of my two skill main skill sets. FWIW I've got patches in
samba, the 2.6 kernel and can write linux shellcode (as in assembly
language exploits, rather than shell scripts).

I'd appreciate it if you'd look over them and let me know if you're
aware of anything that might fit. Also, feel free to send it along to
whomever you feel is appropriate.




I am currently seeking opportunities as a CTO, CSO, or senior manager
for a small to medium sized company/start-up, or alternatively as a
senior security consultant, technical lead or researcher at a larger

The following is a brief overview of my career: 

- 14 years industry, 8 years infosec, 10 years linux 
- Currently Tech Lead for AsiaPac at Cisco Systems
- Tested well within top 1% of technicians
- Large scale audit experience
- Able to develop attack, defense and audit tools
- Skill set both broad and deep

- Developed two security consulting practices
- Extensive consulting and marketing experience
- Held responsibility for legal, accounting and staff matters

- 2 years on-air experience on national television in Canada
- Lectured at international conferences
- Taught courses at several universities 

While I am strongly motivated to continue living in Japan, I am willing
to relocate for the right position. I speak fluent English,
conversational Japanese and have a strong aptitude for languages.

Should you have an appropriate opportunity, I would be pleased to
discuss it with you in depth at your earliest convenience. You can
contact me in Tokyo via the e-mail address or telephone number contained
within the attached resume. 

Best Regards,

Neil Bortnak

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