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Re: [tlug] Linux Stalling Question

Hi David

I had a problem like this once.  I'm not saying that this is your problem
or even related, just that they can be dreadfully hard to solve.

In my case I had a system that I put together cheaply.  It had a Via C3
processor and the motherboard with memory cost under $150.  It was
a 400 Mhz chip and I had it way over-clocked.  It ran windows 95 just
fine but would lock up at random on Linux.  Eventually I discovered that
windows wouldn't let me overclock with this chip eventhough it looked
like it would.  Turning down the clock solved the problem, but it was
litterally months before I gave up on "well it works fine on Windows,
so it must be Linux" train of thought.  I finally bought a 1Ghz Via
for $30 and the system has run great for months!

I wish I could offer more than moral support.  Keep digging and good

Steve S.
David Bennett wrote:

>Now that's the kind of answer I was looking for. Thank you.
>When I get home I will start sifting through the advice and make a
>report (and answer some of the questions you posed!)
>Thanks again.
>Wish me luck!

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