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[tlug] Linux Stalling Question

A big thank you to all of those that helped me get my Linux system off
the ground. Thanks to your kind advice, I am now running a Fedora Core
4 system with MythTV and a bunch of other goodies rolling along

That being said, I am having some trouble and am not sure as to how to
identify/fix it.

Every once in awhile I find my Linux box "stalled." Frozen. The
monitor won't flick on, and none of my services (ssh, http)  will
respond (hence I assume it is a true freeze.) I would like to find out
what is happening but I am not sure where to start. Can someone
recommend a few logs I could take a look at, or where I would be able
to find the source as to this freezing? (alternatively what the system
is doing before it freezes.)

Still in the transition mode from Windows to Linux but am enjoying every moment.

Thanks again,

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