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Re: [tlug] Need one more Unix admin.

On 8/30/05, Mauro Sauco <> wrote:

> I need a Unix System Administrator for a full time position at
> Please find attached the Job Description.
> Contact me  **OFF-LINE** for more details.


You may recall that I am moving to Japan from previous conversations.
Well, I am happy to say that the time of the move is here! I will be
arriving in Yokohama on September 2!

I am interested in applying for this position. I have a BS in Computer
Science, two years of experience as a full-time Unix software
engineer, and a year and a half of experience as a part-time Unix
systems administrator. I am very familiar with both Linux and Solaris,
and have some exposure to the BSDs and Tru64.

I have attached my CV / resume. Please feel free to contact me with
any questions.


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