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Re: [tlug] searching for a part-time job

On 8/24/05, Michael Reinsch <> wrote:

> Sorry to miss-use this mailing list again for job related stuff, but
> nobody complained before openly, and this is a great place to make those
> contacts. If anyone feels offended: sorry again.
> OK, about me: I'm in Tokyo for nearly a year now, as a research student
> at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, in the Computer Science department
> and I'm currently preparing to stay longer, doing PhD there if
> everything works out.

Your welcome to join us over in the Global Scientific Information and
Computing Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology, O-okayama campus on
August 3rd at 1300 for an "fringe computing[1]" meeting.  We often
have a small but varied audience of Hi-tech lab folk and entrepreneurs
attend. You might find it a few contacts that might help. It's not a
bad way to spend a few hours...and drinks afterwards.


[1] more on fringe computing:

P.S. - Fringe writing:

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