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[tlug] searching for a part-time job


Sorry to miss-use this mailing list again for job related stuff, but
nobody complained before openly, and this is a great place to make those
contacts. If anyone feels offended: sorry again.

OK, about me: I'm in Tokyo for nearly a year now, as a research student
at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, in the Computer Science department
and I'm currently preparing to stay longer, doing PhD there if
everything works out.

So, to get straight with my finances and as well to make some new
contacts in the industry, I'm currently on the search for a part-time
job (up to 20h a week) in the Tokyo / Yokohama area at an IT company. 

I'm fluent in German, English, Java, Python, C/C++, PHP, SQL - my
Japanese though still needs improvement.

My professional experiences include:
 - Web, server and desktop applications
 - Enterprise Java Beans based systems
 - Object-oriented design and implementation
For more information including a CV, please contact me any time.
Of course there is also some more information about me on my homepage
and floating around the web (BTW: no, it is not me who is writing about
sport events).

Thanks for considering.

  Michael Reinsch <>            

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