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[tlug] MythTV update

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Didn't get any useful suggestions on a TV tuner, however I did do some
experimentation over the last week.

Took an old WinTV Go board (no hardware encoder onboard) and an old
AthlonXP 1600+ machine that was lying idle and installed KnoppixMyth on it.

Was able to get as far as actually seeing video and also managed to get
the scraping of the japanese program guide going with some difficulty,
so I think I'm actually going to go ahead with this project come payday.

Apparently no one on the KnoppixMyth team is in japan, because the base
install is missing packages required to get the japanese program guide
going.  Installing the standard debian gettext-kakasi-perl package and
its underlying dependencies got me past that however.
Also there are some japanese fonts missing.  I was able to see kana in
the EPG displays but all kanji showed up as outlined squares instead.
This is probably not hard to fix.

My current plan:
Shuttle SFF case (so that the wife will let it be in the living room)
Athlon 64 x2 3800+ (dual core will probably be helpful for transcoding
stuff in background)
2G RAM (1GB would probably do)
300GB ATA drive, probably a 16mb cache maxtor
WinTV PVR board (local sofmap has one of these for \5000 and I *KNOW* it
is supported even though its not the latest and greatest)
GF6600GT video - whatever brand has dvi and tv-out and is cheap
KnoppixMyth - install was relatively painless on my test setup so go
with what works

I suppose I'll probably pick up the japanese MythTV book I saw at the
sofmap while I'm there.  It probably has the fixes for all my problems
in the notes above.

Anyone else here have any interest in DIY hd-recorders?
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