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[tlug] A bit more on scim and anthy

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I recently posted that while testing distros for my Japanese page, scim
apparently could not find the fonts in Slack offshoots Vector and

Having no life, I tested this a bit further.  On Slack itself, where I
usually install gnome libs though not gnome itself, scim-anthy
(downloaded from source) work perfectly.  In an older minislack, where I
don't remember what I put in and left out :) it didn't work properly, it
would show dotted squares, though when I pressed enter the proper kanji
would appear (assuming I had gotten lucky, I think I used nihongo as the

In minislack's latest, now renamed to zenwalk, I did a quick install and
chose to install everything (about 1.1 gigs) mostly because I was doing
other things and didn't want to bother picking and choosing.   As it had
in Slack, (where I DO NOT) install everything, it worked perfectly.

So, I'm guessing that Vector leaves something out--my first thought was
glibc-18n but that's not the case, that's there.  

I don't have the time or energy to try to troubleshoot this--if anyone
does (and hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I) that would be

I may join Vector forums and post about it, but basically, it comes down
to Slack and at least one of its offshoots works perfectly, Vector
doesn't.  This holds whether I'm using EUC or UTF-8.  In Vector, it
doesn't seem to be able to find the fonts--however, I'm not sure that is
the case.  The scim faq gives that exact symptom but says it's only in
QT apps, and also, the fact that the Japanese characters will appear
makes me think it might be something else.  However, this is a guess, I
don't have enough knowledge about this.

This post is mostly for information, as I believe I'd said earlier that
Slack didn't work with scim and anthy.


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