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Re: [tlug] UIM [was: hajimemashite]

> I created that file, both trying with "(define default-im-name 'anthy)" 
> with "(define default-im-name 'anthy')" (missed the second '?!)
> But is behaves more strange than before. Using Shift+Space now... don't 
> anything. It is selected the "direct" method of input... so I always use 
> alphabeth. If I change from "direct" to "t-code" it returns to behave as
> before: ma-ru-ko = 人隊打. :-( I'm so sad...

This looks familiar.  After installing UIM I had the same thing happening.

Try openning a console window and typing uim-pref-gtk. If you are as lucky 
as me you will open up a dialog with lots of choices about how uim works. 
In the "global preferences" group you should be able to specify a default 
method.  I noticed that my default method was set as t-code. (T-CODE and 
TUT-CODE seem to produce kanji instantly after two or 3 key presses.)  I 
changed that to "anthy" and things began to work as I expected.

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