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[tlug] scim doesn't find fonts in Slackware

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I've been playing with scim-anthy in anticipation of undeprecating (is
there such a word?) my page on Japanese in *nix.

I've found with Slackware based distros, (minislack, Vector) that if I
install scim, anthy and and scim-anthy from source, it works.  However,
when I input Japanese, it shows little squares.

According to the scim FAQ, though they say it's just a QT thing, that
means it isn't seeing the fonts.  I have kochi-mincho and gothic in
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/TrueType and have the path to that directory in my

So, not quite sure what the next step would be to try to trouble shoot
this.  The input method works, but I don't see it until after I hit

I'd be grateful for pointers about what I'm missing.  If I use kinput
and canna from that little package Godwin and Stuart made for me a few
years ago, I have no problem. 

Thanks for any pointers.  I'm hoping it's something simple as this would
primarily be for a page for newcomers. For myself, hardly using Slack
these days, though I still have fondness for it, and having small need
for Japanese most of the time, I would probably either deal with it or
use kinput2 and canna, but I'm hoping it's something simple and obvious
that I've forgotten. 

I call it with my usual shell script XMODIFIERS='
LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.eucjp (or utf8 depending upon xterm) <program name, e.g.
aterm or whatever>

I also tried their recommended additions of GTK_IM_MODULE and
QT_IM_MODULE but that didn't solve the issue.

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Scott Robbins

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