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Re: [tlug] Japanese PDF files in xpdf 3.0

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Reinsch <> writes:

    Michael> I'm trying to view some Japanese PDF files using xpdf,
    Michael> but I could not convince it to show any Japanese
    Michael> character.

I don't have a problem with Xpdf 3.00 on the test file at  I believe that
it embeds the needed fonts.  But that would at least show whether you
can display Japanese at all, or if the problem is finding the Japanese
fonts on your system.

On my system dpkg -l 'xpdf*' sez:

ii  xpdf           3.00-13        Portable Document Format (PDF) suite
ii  xpdf-common    3.00-13        Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- comm
ii  xpdf-japanese  20040727-1     Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- Japa
ii  xpdf-reader    3.00-13        Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- view
ii  xpdf-utils     3.00-13        Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- util

Maybe you need some additional support files?  I can give you the full
contents of /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc-japanese on request, but it looks like
you might need some of the following in your xpdfrc:

cidToUnicode    Adobe-Japan1    /usr/share/xpdf/japanese/Adobe-Japan1.cidToUnicode
unicodeMap      ISO-2022-JP     /usr/share/xpdf/japanese/ISO-2022-JP.unicodeMap
unicodeMap      EUC-JP          /usr/share/xpdf/japanese/EUC-JP.unicodeMap
unicodeMap      Shift-JIS       /usr/share/xpdf/japanese/Shift-JIS.unicodeMap
cMapDir         Adobe-Japan1    /usr/share/fonts/cmap/adobe-japan1
toUnicodeDir                    /usr/share/fonts/cmap/adobe-japan1

Also, the xpdf-japanese package provides the following list of files,
many of which are probably irrelevant:


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