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Re: [tlug] Website Question(s)

On 2005/08/, <Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon> wrote:
  Lyle> Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:
  Lyle> >Is there some kind of limit on the number of .jpg files that can be in 
  Lyle> >one folder?  I have a page with links to HTML files - all of which are 
  Lyle> >pulling photos from the same folder.
  Lyle> I just got this feedback from my friend in Portugal:
  Lyle> "I tried opening the gallery links here at the office. Strangely, I have 
  Lyle> no problems opening the links here! The problem only starts when I open 
  Lyle> more than 3 links at the same time but once I close the opened ones the 
  Lyle> others start opening at once. The problem must be in some kind of page 
  Lyle> limit for each user. There is probably also something wrong about my 
  Lyle> connection at home."

Maybe you want to play with prefork.c, worker.c, perchild.c modules
ATTENTION: be smart when touching those..
//mauro @ Paris//

Mauro D. Sauco
Japan IT Manager
Tel. 047.301.5131
Fax. 047.701.2300

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