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Re: [tlug] Is WNN8 installed on my SuSE 9.3 machine?

>>>>> "JE" == Joseph Essertier <> writes:

    JE> "man 8 jserver" ,but the response given me was "no manual
    JE> entry for jserver in section 8."

Well, it might not be installed in that case (although I don't trust
Japanese vendors to install man pages).

I think you really need to get somebody to take a look at your

    JE> About SuSE 9.3, there is an article in that same magazine in
    JE> Japanese this month that concludes that files with Japanese
    JE> file names are correctly displayed much more often in
    JE> TurboLinux than in SuSE.

The problem is that until fairly recently Japanese filenames were
illegal (there was no way to specify non-Japanese file names in a MIME
header), so many mail programs simply ignored the rules.  And now that
there is a way, they continue to ignore the rules.

It's a matter of choosing your correspondents well.  "Good luck" is
all I can say....

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