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[tlug] ssh enabled terminal servers

Wandered through akihabara this week seeking options for an ssh v2 
enabled console/terminal server with 1-4 serial ports.

One solution at Plat'Home was a 4 port unit from cyclades running 
somewhere in the neighborhood of JPY 120000.  Plat also had some small 
devices from Armadillo which had a single network and serial port in 
the JPY20000 range that seemed like they could do the job but with the 
downside that I would need to plug in a power supply per console port 

On general principal, I prefer something running some form of embedded 
linux but the main constraint is having 4 ports and small size.  Is the 
cost of the cyclades reasonable for what I'm seeking?  Does anyone have 
any suggestions for other options?


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