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Re: [tlug] Kuro-Box

On Feb 17, 2005, at 4:06 PM, Gerald Naughton wrote:

> [snip]
> Now for the hacking with a 120GB disk ;->
	Thanks TLUGers for the tip on the KuroBox.  I ended up picking
up the HG model recently and configuring it with Debian.   I found this
URL quite helpful in getting things setup (Japanese only):

	In the spirit of sharing.  Here are some dumb mistakes I made
along the way:
1. Trying to load a 1.2 ROM meant for the 200Mhz on the HG model.
      The 200 Mhz model and 266 Mhz model seem to have different
      ROMs that you can load onto it.  The latest ROM version for the HG
      is 1.1 NOT 1.2.
2.  tcpwrappers annoyances on Debian.  By default the KuroBox is only
      configured to accept connections on   If you
      need to move it to a different network make sure to check
      /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny or you can find out
     the hard way  :-)
3. If you load the default configuration and don't want it.   A simple
     way to get rid of it is to just telnet in and rm -rf /  (Yes... 
really) and
     the onboard flash will detect the HDD is in a bad mood and put
     the KuroBox back to 'factory default' mode.  This is really handy.
4. The red button on the back seems to change functionality
      once i loaded Debian on it.   Holding the button down doesn't
      only just reset the box.  It also factory defaults the box.
5. During installation of the Debian tarball.  You need to take the
     .tar.gz that you get from the URL above and zip that file and rename
     it to   Misinterpreting those instructions had me head
     scritching for an hour or so.

	Hope that helps others avoid mistakes I made along the
	The little thing has now taken over responsibilities
as a printer and scanner server and is far quieter than its
predecessor. :-)


"Mathematicians are more inclined to build
fire stations than put out fires." - Unknown

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