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Re: [tlug] b-mobile wifi and Linux

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 04:31:11PM +0900, Brett Robson wrote:
> My NTT lie detector is going off. NTT are refusing to install ADSL when
> it means they have to improve local infrastructure and forcing people to
> get B-FLETS. Try E-access or Yahoo BB (shiver), their agreements can
> force NTT to upgrade. Tepco are probably worth talking to as well.

Your colleague DVC has already suggested this, actually.  My original
ADSL application was a Type 1 service application that Yahoo BB offers
through some company called Japan Telephone that buys up line rights from
bankrupt companies.  At the same time my buddy in the same building applied
for Type 2 service through Yahoo BB.  We were both declined on the grounds
that there were no copper pairs left to our building.

Then at DVC's suggestion I tried applying to Type 2 eAccess through your
company, and I got the phone call from Sales yesterday that my application
had been declined for the same reason (no more copper pairs).

Tepco is currently saying that my building is out of their area, so I think
that as far as wired internet goes, I have to just wait until we see if
my building can get B-Flets mansion (or M-Flets, I suppose...)

 - awh

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