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[tlug] b-mobile wifi and Linux

I've recently found out that my apartment is "internet-proof", with all of the
available copper pairs going to other units so I can't get ADSL.  The building
is applying for B-Flets mansion, but that'll take several months to get in.
So for now I'm left with "radio internet".  I do like the looks of B-Mobile's

Does anyone have any experience getting b-mobile's WiFi to work under
Linux?  I have found a nice step-by-step set of instructions, written
in English, for getting the PHS internet to work, but nothing, in English
or Japanese, about WiFi.

The product literature says that the WiFi is only available to Windows XP
users (ie, not even Win2k, Apple, etc.).  

Speaking of which, does anyone have any experience to share about B-Mobile
at all?  Service quality, etc?


Drew in Saitama

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