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Re: [tlug] PostgreSQL ?

Ahmed Sarwar wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been trying to add a column to the table with a big a(A) with
> "AddressBook=# ALTER TABLE addresses ADD column Address varchar(80);"

Postgres need quotes around the column name in order to preserver case.
You would need to write:

ALTER TABLE addresses ADD column "Address" varchar(80);

I recommend against using column names with a mix of upper and
lower-case. Postgres *is* case sensitive but you will need to always
quote your column identifiers. Simply writing:

SELECT * from addresses where Address is null;

will *not* work as Postgres will fold Address into address and then
throw an error since there is no such column.

Just my 2 cents but you really need to stay away from using
case-sensitive identifiers. They're a real pain in the ...


PS the Postgres mailing list at is a great
place to ask this sort of question.
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