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[tlug] Plan 9 User Accounts Available

TIP9UG is providing free Plan 9 user accounts for 
anyone interested in Plan 9.

For more info, see: or

Services on these servers include:
 A free e-mail address
 A free web space with automatic snapshots on
 your HTML files
 Plan 9 Live Tutorial (coming soon...)

Getting Started on TIP9UG Public Servers
 Please send an email to `account at tip9ug . jp' with
an account name of your choice. Presently requests
are handled individually by hand, it may take several
days to process your account.

 Once you've got your account on TIP9UG servers,
please try Plan 9 Live Tutorial to get acquainted with
Plan 9.


P.S. - All thanks go to Takeshi Yamanashi of TITECH 
for making this a reality.

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