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Re: [tlug] knoppix lang/keyboard

 Ahmed Sarwar wrote:

> the language and keyboard_layout has changed to 
> Germany after a few update/upgrade somehow.
> So now, when i see an error/messege, i have no 
> idea what it is, because it's in Germany.
> Can somebody please tell me how to set it back to
> English.

I would guess that what you are referring to here is a KDE setting in
the Knoppix desktop. I have run into this problem even with straight
Debian/KDE installations when using the Unstable version.

You should be able to return this by simply clicking on the "K" icon
with the gear (or whatever it is) on the very left side of your lower

Then, look for the "wrench" icon (in English "settings"); after
clicking on this, you'll get another options menu, among which is an
icon the shape of a monitor (third one down on my system), which is
"control center" in English. When you click on this, you'll get
another screen that has a menu on the left side. Approximately seven
items down you should see an item with a national flag (in your case
probably the German flag). Click on that to change country/region and
keyboard layout.



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