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Re: [tlug] mutt no mailbox error

On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 03:41:42PM +0900, Kohama wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone help me out related to MTA setting problem?
> I just started using mutt as MUA.
> Default mailbox type is mbox but I changed it to Maildir
> to sort mails to various folders with using procmail.
> I added four lines on $HOME/.muttrc file like followings :
> set mbox_type=Maildir
> set spoolfile="/home/kohama/Mail"
> set folder="/home/kohama/Mail"
> set mbox="/home/kohama/Mail/mbox"
> Then,when I start mutt, it doesn't work properly anymore.
> I can't download incoming mail from pop server anymore.

The maildir type format should have three subdirectories,
new, cur and tmp

cd .maildir
mkdir cur 
mkdir tmp
mkdir new

Or, in FreeBSD at least, there's a command 

maildirmake ~/.maildir   

This will create a directory called ~/.maildir in your home directory.
If you then do ls .maildir you'll see you have teh cur new and tmp
directories in there.

Hope this helps.


Scott Robbins

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