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Re: [tlug] Can't print when using Ms japanese fonts

>>>>> "Alessandro" == Alessandro Mantelli <Alessandro> writes:

    Alessandro> I've install several Ms japanese fonts on kde 3.3

Has MSFT Japan changed the license on those?  Last time I looked
(about two years ago) they were still licensed for use only with

    Alessandro> To install the fonts on linux I just renamed them from
    Alessandro> *.ttc to *.ttf and then used the kde font loader to
    Alessandro> load them.

This will work on X, but it doesn't work with Ghostscript last I
checked.  There is magic in a .ttc file that Ghostscript doesn't know
about, I think.  The KDE loader is irrelevant to Ghostscript AFAIK,
it's only for X.  Also, for me Ghostscript 8.x (all versions tried so
far) crashes in gccache.c with Japanese TrueType fonts, of any vendor.

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