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Re: [tlug] Oct 15 TLUG Nomikai Meeting

On Sat, Oct 16, 2004 at 02:31:22AM +0900, Sacha Chua wrote:

>sample, TLUG is certainly a great group. A few pictures are up at

Natsukashii!  Those pics make me really miss the TLUG nomikais!  TLUG is
indeed a great group, and because of that remains my primary LUG even
though I have been out of Japan for a over two years now.

>Handa-san(?) suggested an emacs-wiki/planner presentation, but that's
>probably going to bore all the non-Emacs users. <laugh>

So port it to vim already ;-)

>However, I'm curious about how people manage their personal

What is this information management of which you speak? :-)

Actually, I mostly use a 1999 TRG Pro (a Palm III clone with an internal
CF socket), and at work use Kontact, but really mostly only for email.
I have a pretty empty calendar, usually just one meeting a week :-)

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