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Re: [tlug] Can Japanese join Nomikai ?

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:03:06 +0900
"Stephen J. Turnbull" <> wrote:

> >>>>> "Stuart" == Stuart Luppescu <> writes:
> Ah, a Chicago Man. of Style!  Oldie but goodie.  :-)
>     Stuart> Nope. As the object of the preposition ``of'' it should be
>     Stuart> ``us.''
> Although use of a mere comma as a conjunction there was suspect.

"Suzuki-san you are very welcome at a nomikai; there were several
Japanese at the last one I attended."

(Speaking Japanese causes sentence construction problems in English)

Brett Robson 
Systems Administrator
GOL, Tokyo.
Phone: 03-3239-6856    International: +81-3-3239-6856

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