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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Robbins <> writes:

    Scott> It includes a link to a vanilla tarball of canna and
    Scott> kinput2 with instructions on installation and use.

    Scott> Note, however, that it is for X, not console.

Huh?  If a console app is Canna-aware, it will use Canna.  So for
example, xemacs configured --with-canna, GNU Emacs with add-ons (RMS
vetoed special treatment for Japanese, so you'll have to dig up the
patches yourself), and jvim configured for Canna, will all use Canna
directly (console or as X apps, actually).  Canna also provides a
shell input shim called cannuum or something like that which provides
Canna henkan service to the shell, and maybe to apps running in the
shell's TTY (depends on how they handle stdin).

Wnn provides similar services (except the shim is called uum---uum is
wnn rotated 180 degrees).  Again, you have to have console apps that
are Wnn-aware.

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