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Re: [tlug] Configuration Files for GJiten

> > One file, ~/.gconf/apps/gjiten/general/%gconf.xml, seems to contain
> > dictionary information, but copying it from another user account does
> > not change the existing dictionary settings.
System-wide configuration values (defaults) need to be in /etc/gconf. A
schema file has been long overdue, because all the defaults are
still hardcoded in the src.

> If you change this file while gconfd is running, it won't see those
> changes and thus the changes are not reflected in the application.
> But you can use gconftool-2 to set those values from the command line,
> e.g.:
As Michael suggested, you could use gconftool, and set a schema. 
I think all you want to do is configure the dictionary files globally so
that your users won't need to do this.
The dictionaries are in /apps/gjiten/general/dictionary_list, so you will
have to set this.
List types are complicated and I haven't figured out how to use gconftool
with these but should be something like:
gconftool --type=list --long-desc="dictionary list"
--owner=gjiten --list-type=string --set-schema
/apps/gjiten/general/dictionary_list /usr/share/gjiten/edict

The best solution would be to create a schema file and install that.

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