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Re: [tlug] Configuration Files for GJiten


BTW: I'm new on the list, so greetings to everyone and I'm looking
forward to meet you at the nomikai!

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 23:47:00 +0900
Matthias Seeger <> wrote:

> One file, ~/.gconf/apps/gjiten/general/%gconf.xml, seems to contain
> dictionary information, but copying it from another user account does
> not change the existing dictionary settings.

If you change this file while gconfd is running, it won't see those
changes and thus the changes are not reflected in the application.

But you can use gconftool-2 to set those values from the command line,

gconftool -t string -s /apps/gjiten/general/dictpath /usr/share/gjiten/

You can also use the interactive gconf-editor as a frontend for easy
browsing through the configuration tree.

The other alternative is to put the configuration at a prominent
position, so it will be used as a default configuration for all users.
See /etc/gconf/2/path and Make
sure to restart the gconfd (some applications don't like that, so the
savest way is to logout and login again), otherwise you probably won't
see the changes.

  Michael Reinsch <>            

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