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Re: [tlug] Alsa problem on debian sarge kernel 2.6.7 and Sb live

Scott Robbins wrote:

>Because it worked after doing that, I've never investigated further, for
>example, never run into your situation of an onboard sound card that I
>don't wish to use.

I'm using SuSE 9.1, but I had a computer that was hanging up on the 
on-board sound chip, so I set the BIOS to ignore  the on-board sound 
chip and for sound put in a separate sound board (a cheap SoundBlaster 
board) that worked fine.  (The computer is an old Dell OptiPlex.)

The words "onboard sound card that I don't want to use" jumped off the 
screen at me, so I responded as above, but I haven't actually carefully 
read all of this thread.  I hope my input is of some use - if not, sorry.


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