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Re: [tlug] [OT] Recommend a German hosting service?

Ulrich Plate wrote:
> Zev Blut wrote:
>>Unfortunately my search must be limited to German hosters since I have
>>a German domain and DeNIC seems to have some domain transfer rules
>>that non-German hosters cannot fulfill.
> Huh? Other than the fact that the admin-c needs to reside in Germany,
> there's nothing preventing a .de domain to go wherever she'd like it to.
> Some hosting companies may be unable to schpeak with non-US
> registries, but that doesn't mean it's impossible... :P

wasn't it a must that domain-owner have to reside in Germany? (or do I 
show my missing knowledge now because the admin-c is maybe equal to the 

> Consistently good offers in Germany include Host Europe, Hetzner,
> Strato, 1&1. I've got no first-hand experience re: spam bounceability in
> conjunction with a hosted web domain, but all the larger joints have got
> something along those lines even in their low budget packages these
> days. 

I have very good experiences with Domainfactory for several years now 
even that they are not that cheap:



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