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Re: [tlug] [OT] Recommend a German hosting service?

Zev Blut wrote:

> Unfortunately my search must be limited to German hosters since I have
> a German domain and DeNIC seems to have some domain transfer rules
> that non-German hosters cannot fulfill.

Huh? Other than the fact that the admin-c needs to reside in Germany,
there's nothing preventing a .de domain to go wherever she'd like it to.
Some hosting companies may be unable to schpeak with non-US
registries, but that doesn't mean it's impossible... :P

Consistently good offers in Germany include Host Europe, Hetzner,
Strato, 1&1. I've got no first-hand experience re: spam bounceability in
conjunction with a hosted web domain, but all the larger joints have got
something along those lines even in their low budget packages these

If she wants to put the server somewhere else and just needs a registrar
over here, I can help with that part.

Ulrich Plate

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