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Re: [tlug] Arialuni.ttf font - don't ...

>> Open office is still buggy.  It freezes in kinput2 mode.  I can paste and
>> display only the Japanese characters.  If you still are able to comment
>> on this scenario, any guidance still welcome. wrote:


1.1.0, maybe I should upgrade to 1.1.1?

>>>Earlier versions were notorious for hanging in the IM.

>>>Are you sure it's kinput2 it's hanging in, and not OO/wnn/canna?

Probably the wnn.

>> Recently, I have had an unusual problem with just shutting down or rebooting
>> my Mandrake 9.2 Sony Vaio dual boot system.
>> I recently installled kinput2 and wnn4.  The server starts up and it runs in 
>> all text editors (except OO freezes when I try to input Japanese to it)
>> There seems to suddently be an enormous amount of CPU usage compared to before.
>> At this point, CPU usage is 100% (I've been told this is in fact normal in Linux).

>>>It's normal only when something is looping madly. Usually it's a sign
>>>that something is wrong.

>> However, the most annoying part is that the jserver hangs when I try to shut down
>> or reboot.
>> Do these puzzle pieces point to anything, say a runaway process that is consuming
>> tons of CPU?  


>> I've tried to diagnose this with "du", "df" etc. however can't seem to pinpoint this?

"top" is the quickest way to find which process is hogging the CPU.

>> Any suggestion appreciated on how to attack this problem.

>>>Does Mandrake come with Canna? 

No, it comes with wnn4.

>>>If so, start kinput using Canna.

I'll find the rpm and try that instead of wnn4.

>>>Not that
>>>I have anything against Wnn4; it's just that most people seem to use
>>>Canna, and it'll be easier to discuss/help if we are talking about
>>>the same things.


>>>	- make sure you have OO 1.1
>>>	- make sure Canna is running (RH starts up both)
>>>	- start kinput2 with "kinput2 -xim -canna"

>>>You can probably kill jserver by hand. Do a "ps -ax | grep jserver" to
>>>find its PID, then hit it with a "kill -9"

Thanks Jim


Jerald Weinstein M.S.

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