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[tlug] SuSE 9.0/9.1 Sold at....(Was dell inspiron & linux)

Michael Klaus Engel wrote:

>>>I will give it a try as soon as SuSE 9.1 (dualboot with WinXP Pro) is available in Japan.
>>SuSE 9.0 already works with WinXP-Pro as a dual boot!  I have a 20GB-HDD 
>>test computer (Dell Dimension C - Japan-only model OEM-made by Acer - 
>>terrrible design!) that I had WinXP Pro on - taking up the whole drive.  
>I know but why should I buy an "old" version when the new one is lurking around the corner.
>9.1 will be available soon, I guess.

Absolutely - but it sounded as though you were waiting *because* 9.1
will dual-boot with XP, so I thought I'd mention that it dual boots fine
with 9.0.  I guess I read that wrong?  For some reason, I think only one
(one!) retail store carries SuSE here (probably because they don't
market a Japanese-language container) - that being... um... what's that
name again?  Um... Plat'home or something?  In Akihabara.  Wait -
Google... here it is:


I just called them and they confirmed that they have SuSE 9.0
Professional in stock now and that 9.1 is probably coming out at the end
of next month?  Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes for
you since I'm also a SuSE user.  What's the difference between 9.0 and
9.1?  (I've been updating 9.0 as new bits come out.)

The name Patthome seems to be based on "platform" "form" - "homu" - "home"

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